How to Use
Q1: How does the chair fold and unfold?
Q2: What does the display include?
Q3: Will my hand get tired pushing the joystick forward for hours?
Q4: I am worried about my parents driving too fast, how can I help them drive safely?
Q5: Can the chair really be controlled by remote control?
Q6: Can the chair settings be changed?
Q7: Is any assembly required?
Q8: How could we charge the battery of X40, E40,E60 series?
Q9: How could I get maintenance tips of battery?

A1: Our X40 foldable mobility scooter folds and unfolds with a simple touch of a push button, or with our Bluetooth app. Our E40/E60 foldable electric wheelchair Series folds and unfolds with two simple lever clicks taking 2 seconds, and zero effort.

Product Spec
Q1: How long do the chairs take to charge?
Q2: How long does the battery last?
Q3: What colors are available?
Q4:Does it have a horn?
Q5: What height of obstacles do we cross when driving the wheelchairs?

A1: The chairs will be fully charged in 4-6 hours for a full charge from near empty.

Q1: Can the Robooter travel on planes?
Q2: Are the chairs safe on slopes?
Q3: Do the chairs come with storage?
Q4: What safety features do the chairs have?
Q5: Is it safe for the chairs to be operated in the dark?
Q6: Can the chair charge my phone?
Q7: Can we get cupholders?
Q8: Are X40 E40 E60 covered by medical insurance?
Q9: Are your chairs FDA/CE approved?

A1: Yes airlines will allow our power chairs on planes, you can typically roll right up to your gate and the airline will load it, then have it ready for you upon arrival. You should check in advance of your flight on battery size allowances. We do have smaller batteries with 10Ah 24V and 12Ah 24V available as accessories which will be allowed on.